Friday, March 25, 2011

a very good reason to recycle

we segregate our trash in school (at least in my classroom, we do). one day, my student, zoey, asked where to discard a foil pack. i instructed her to place it in the non-biodegradable trash can and she did. seconds later, she was back with a piece of plastic wrapper asking the same thing.

looking at her place mat and seeing that she would be making several trips back and forth to me and to the trash cans, i explained. "it's like this, zoey. everything that God made is biodegrable. you see, God created them in such a way that when they die or when they're used up, they decompose, become part of the earth, and can be used as 'food' for the plants and trees."

and in an instant, zoey, my dear 5-year old student, summarizes everything with this insight: "He recycles!"

yes, He does... and so should we.

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mama_aly said...

He recycles indeed!

At the end of it all, rich or poor, we must remember one simple truth:

pataba lang lahat tayo sa lupa!