Friday, December 07, 2007

COJ Concert

it is done. after months of discussions, weeks of preparation, and an overnight video production, it all seems like a blur. i really wouldn't know how the concert went because thanks to the rain, my students and I were "quarantined" to the backstage (actually, we were OUTSIDE the theater -- where the stagehands smoked).

the kids were great onstage and were behave offstage. this is the most i've seen my kids dance, i almost wanted to cry! hahaha! the concert, to say the least, was a huge success. so much so that gary v wants to do it again with the kids next year... in a better venue. naks! don't worry, we promise to remember you when we're famous.

more great photos of the concert on
dennis pilapil's blogsite. one pair of hands in the middle of the black theater photos are mine. plugging! hahaha!