Saturday, November 20, 2004

love, unconditionally

it seems that migueli's been turning out to be quite the cassanova these days. he has been known to be quite a "kisser" in his class, and his recipients are (sometimes) more than willing to return the favor. last week, while in line before entering the classroom, an overeager classmate smothered my nephew with hugs and kisses... on the lips, no less! normally, i would not put any malice on the act since they're just kids anyway, but the classmate was a boy. teka muna... yesterday naman, he kissed our neighbor's daughter, chase, on the lips (sabay hug) after their playdate.

my sister found all this out today as she, miguel and i were on our way to a chidren's party. my sister then started to "educate" migueli on the propriety of showing one's affections to another person.

mommy: who are your loves?

migueli: sam, jed (the male classmate), ate gabbie, and ate chase.

mommy: you know, it's okay to kiss your friends, but only on the cheeks, especially if they're boys. kissing on the lips will just be for relatives.

pregnant pause of about 4 seconds

migueli: (with feelings) so boring naman!

encounters with dr. migueli

yesterday, migueli and i were killing time on the bed before going to school playing "doctor." he was the doctor and i was the patient with a tummy ache.

ninang: doctor, doctor! my tummy's painful!

migueli: okay, we have to operate and remove your tummy.

ninang: (slightly taken aback by his AGGRESSIVE ways) what?! can you repeat that? i think there's something wrong with this ear.

migueli: i said, we have to take out your tummy! we'll also have to take out your ear.

ninang (more shocked and slightly outraged) what kind of doctor are you?!

migueli: (very adamant and so matter-of-factly) I'M FROM
what do you expect from a boy who says that a carpenter is someone who makes "carpents"? i love this kid!

Friday, November 19, 2004

"the chosen one"

last night, i got a call to be a godmother yet again. this time, it's to mike, the16-year old kid who i brought to thailand this summer for CISV. the invitation to stand as a godmother is always an honor and a flattering one. with this one, i know that the choice was his and not his parents'. that made it all the more flattering. he certainly has put a new meaning to my being his "adult leader."

i've made being a ninang a career of sorts. it's not WHO i am but WHAT i am. it's become my given name, not just by my godchildren, but by their siblings, their caregivers, parents and parents' friends as well. my cabinet is stocked with "instant gifts" for ages 0 to 12 year-round. looks like i'll be needing to widen the age range.

mama aly, in her blog honoring me on my birthday (*blush*) wrote:

The honor of being chosen to be godmother is a serious thing. It is usually reserved for very close relatives, people you look up to, and people of stature...

Why does the ninang name stick to her like second skin? Maybe it's because she can fill in a mom's shoe and do everything a mom needs to do (teach, guide, feed, bathe, hug, kiss, spoil, scold)? Maybe it's because she has a rhyme storehouse to mesmerize kids from zero to twenty-one? Or maybe it's her big heart?

i never question why people get me to stand as a ninang or why the kids want me to be theirs. is it because of my gift-giving abilities? my maternal (and yaya) instincts? because i'm a "part-time kid" myself and being so makes me "cool"? i guess we'll just have to ask the lot of them... some 28+ of them.

mama aly was right... being chosen to be a godmother is a serious thing. now, i've got another person (a teenager at that!) looking up to me. ooooh! an image model! do i have stories to entertain him! hahaha! then again, if they can learn from my life story, why not? i certainly have.

kids, it's time to grow up.

Thursday, November 04, 2004


enrolled in UP for the (hopefully) 2nd to the last time. which also meant that i had to get my class cards first.

well, well, i guess my procrastination paid off. i got a grade of 1 for both subjects. pardon me while i gloat. dang! i could be a university scholar at this rate if this were a college course and not an MA course. never got these kinds of grades in college. masmadali kasi kayang bolahin ang mga teachers ng UP? hahaha. uuuy, walang pikon ha?

as my adviser says each semester when i "consult" with her, "sayang naman apilyido mo kung hindi uno grado mo." haaay... hirap naman! preysure!