Saturday, April 14, 2007

run, forrest, run!

not enough vitamins, not enough life :)

run, forrest, run!, originally uploaded by barang.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

color migueli RED

entertaining, what color accents of digital cameras can do :) the full color photo is my favorite of our trip to hk.

HK red, originally uploaded by barang.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

oh, to be a kid again!

i cannot, for the life of me, remember the last time my family went out on a family vacation, much more, a family vacation out of the country. nor can i remember the last time i went to hong kong. my brother dennis (and his wife) pretty much remedied that.

his idea of celebrating his 41st birthday was treating us (we were 11 in all) to a trip to hong kong disneyland... airfare, accommodations at hollywood disney hotel, most of the meals, and even the subway fare. not bad... not bad at all! if he had sprung for the shopping, it would have been perfect!

my sis-in-law's mom, tita cel, was probably right when she said that i was the biggest kid in the trip. disneyland will always bring a smile to my face. it brings back memories of my first trip to the park in anaheim where dad billeted us in the disneyland hotel, a free monorail ride away from the park... where he let us free to roam the park on our own, only to come looking for dennis and myself at 9 p.m. (heehee!)

for the days we were there, disneyland was probably "the happiest place on earth." the rides were fun and the shows were great! the hotel and park staff were absolutely out to please guests and i met goofy at the hotel on my way to the elevator. plus... how can i not be elated to find a store in the park that sells mr. potato head disney parts?! all i can stuff in a box for 175 HKD! i was shameless! and to boot, my sis bought me an early 40th birthday present: a repro mickey mouse watch of what dennis and i had to share when i was about 7 years old. it lives! this time, it's all mine! thanks, sands!

best of all, i was with family... a bigger one with migueli and essie's side in attendance. it was a good break, despite the iffy weather and the backlog of work that i brought along. (yes, i brought work with me. sucks to be so responsible sometimes. hahaha!)

honestly, i only dared to dream about travelling abroad again. at least not for a looooong time, i thought. at my women's prayer group, reflecting on Scripture made me realize that He made it all possible. He used my family to grant my heart's desires and dared me to dream not only more, but bigger as well! being God's child, i know that i shall never be without a giving, obliging, and loving Father. knowing that is more than enough to make ANYWHERE the happiest place on earth.

oh, so good to be a kid again!