Monday, October 17, 2005

rise and shine!

back during my schooling days, when i was much younger, my friends and i had these myths about our teachers. we were told that teachers went home late (around 7 p.m.) and were in bed by 8 or 9 p.m. since they had to be in school early the next day. rumor also had it that teachers slept with their feet up against the wall, to return the circulation of blood to their legs from standing on them all day. in other words, "they had no life."

when i got to college, i found this not be unnecessarily true. i once had a professor who came in late for class one day, hair disheveled and unkempt. he gave the class a free cut that day on account that he was still hungover from the night before. not the best example, but it showed me that you can be a teacher AND have a life!

being the night owl that i've always been, the biggest struggle i've always had with being a teacher is the "waking up early" part. far be it from me to complain when my colleagues are up before sunrise, just to commute to get to school on time.

recently, i've been finding myself awake way before the sun is up. it's the only time i get to use the computer since mine conked out a few months ago. but i realize now that what wakes me from my slumber is the dedication i have for my job and the kids that depend on me. it has become more than a job; teaching has become my service.

yes, i've become a "teacher." that having been said, i'm proud to be up early. God has blessed me, enough to have "a life" and yet be of service to Him and His. but let me be the first to tell you, I DO NOT SLEEP WITH MY LEGS UP AGAINST THE WALL!

Monday, October 03, 2005

a place called "sanctuary"

"time stops at the sanctuary." that's what the owner said and she was right!

such a place exists, on a small island in caliraya lake, home to exotic animals and it's weekend owners, peter and esti wallace. the place is beyond words. the common area is very eclectic yet tastefully done. giant masks made into doors, large baubles, totem poles, and carvings infuse to exude a sense of home. the guest cottages are very welcoming, each with a view of the lake and comfort rooms that are really "comfort rooms" (although the glass panels can make you feel a little self-conscious). it's easy to forget where you are... and what you came there for.

and let's not forget the food! i haven't had such a perfect meal in such a long time. we were served sinigang, fried liempo, greeen mangoes with bagoong and crispy shrimps, with buko juice as beverage, and capped with karioka and mint tea for dessert. everything was so tasty; just enough to whet but not overwhelm. and this is homecooking, mind you! we almost forgot that we were there to visit their campsite for next year's youth camp! (the campsite was a great one too, by the way.)

i hope camp gets to be held there next year.