Friday, April 28, 2006

in memoriam

this'll be a quickie since i'm cramming for precamp (leaving tomorrow).

found a scan of my UP ID while rummaging through the computer for something else. it's all that i have left... a scan (*sigh*).

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Joy

stayed up last night for no particular reason and saw morning break.

i view Easter as a new morning, Christ's resurrection as the light that dispels the darkness; death conquered, sins forgiven and our dignity restored. rejoice in the new morning for Emmanuel is with us!

whoever you are and wherever you may be, i pray that you have a good, NEW MORNING!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

habulan at taguan*

*tag and hide-and-seek

what's worse than the summer heat? trying to collect signatures for your clearance so you can graduate IN the summer heat!

it was like playing tag WITH hide-and-seek! 12 signatures, 5 buildings, 2 days... and i'm still not done! "they" were either at meetings, out of the building, in another office, or "get this signature first". add to that their new 4-day work day scheme and my scheduled training at camp rock and tagaytay... i don't think i'll ever get my diploma -- which won't be available until december 2006 anyway!

UP... hanggang sa huli... AAAAARGH!

the *SKWEZ* is back!

*skwez - a very tight hug; initiated by the Phil. delegation to CISV JASPARC/APRW 2004 in Thailand; inspired by a billboard ad

after 2 years, i got a skwez from 3 of my former kids (although they're 17 and 18 years old already) to thailand... AND IT FELT GREAT! gosh! i didn't realize that i missed them that much too! my visit was short and sweet; well worth the time i stole to be late for the village staff meeting (hehehe).

i love my kids! i love skwezes! looking forward to getting more of those next week in jasparc ONE in tagaytay!

p.s. david still smells nice. he still uses the same brand of deodorant ΓΌ

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

jya camp lessons

it's amazing what spending a long weekend with 93 kids could teach 1 adult, me. the adage "never stop learning" was certainly true-to-form.
God all around me
i've always told my students, "lose a game but never lose the lesson." the lesson applies not only to games and contests, but with material things as well. my wallet and cellphone got stolen the night before the kids arrived. i was calm about the whole thing (what's lost is lost, after all) and actually only felt bad about the small things i couldn't have again.
come thursday night prayers, the prayer leader asked the kids to think about God's presence in the day's activities. leave it to foolish me to ask, "where were you, God?" and He replied. "my child, I was in the blanket that kept you warm last night; I was in the people who stayed up with you and worried with you; I was in the shade of the tree that kept you cool this afternoon. you need not look far. I am everywhere. I surround you." cue the tears (i seem to do this every jya camp!). of course, i never doubted that He was there; it was just so strong to hear it come from Him Himself.
only God is perfect.

simple human error can turn what i thought was a well-planned activity into utter chaos. thankfully, calm, common sense, cooperation, and responsibility were a-plenty, and THAT is the perfection God had in mind, no matter how many colors of paper i used.

kids DO grow up

i hardly heard from the COJ kids this year compared to last year; they've successfully blended in with the rest and have made friends beyond school colors. my own niece and nephew hardly looked for me too, except when there was a frog near their bag or a bug in their tent. i guess i needed them more than they did me. it's a happy kind of sad.

family makes for a strong presence

there's nothing like the sight of family members to make you feel so loved. i somehow know that aly and freddie did not only come for their kids, but for me as well. dinner under the tent that night was nothing different from the family gatherings we share... and we were surrounded with friends we considered "family" as well. then there were the COJ parents and classmates from JOD, and my boss (not to mention her daughter, who now lovingly calls me "ninang", that stuck by me all saturday night). ligaya has become my family.

i signed-up to serve the jya camp and got served instead. there really is no losing when you serve the Lord. i truly am BELOVED.

Saturday, April 01, 2006


as of today, school is officially OVER! WOOHOO! i may not have my clearance yet (ergo, no final pay yet), but i don't care! it's DONE! (why we always end so late, i may never know.)

here's my summer to do list:
  • catch up on my sleep (only had 40 mins. on thursday)
  • stay up late voluntarily to catch up on movies i've missed
  • get a well-deserved massage!
  • get ready for camps (plural!)... unless i decide to take on the invite to the brazil village (decisions, decsions!)
  • hopefully, i get to "play" with mama aly and teacher mae this summer
  • spend many hours in the pool with my nieces and nephews
  • read a new book
  • try a new recipe (hmmm...)
  • have cabinet made so i can move out of miguel's soon-to-be-room
  • get away from the city (training in tagaytay for cisv does not count!)
  • drink more yakult! hahaha!

i just want to be brain dead for a month before i have to report back to work in may.