Saturday, March 26, 2005


spent a good part of yesterday morning playing with miguel. i wanted to move on to other things (like go back to sleep); miguel planned otherwise.

miguel: ninang, let's play!
ninang: oh, miguel, ninang's tired.
miguel: why?
ninang: ninang's old already.
miguel: you're not THAT old; you're just old enough to be a ninang!
ninang: why, how old should ninangs be?
miguel: eight!

and that is one more reason why i love this child!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

not a problem!

got an invite to a children's party last week. it's set for today. anyway, last week, i asked miguel if he wanted to be my "props" to the party, and he agreed. he got all revved up about it, thinking of a gift for the celebrant, manu.

later in the day, i realized that there was a conflict in the schedule. the party was on the same day as miguel's moving-up ceremony.

ninang: miguel, i have a problem.
miguel: what?
ninang: you can't go with me to manu's party because that's your moving-up day. you might get too tired to perform.
miguel: that's not a problem. a problem is when you ride a plane and the palne's going to crash!
hear! hear! : )

Thursday, March 03, 2005

face to face with goofy

this one's especially for teacher fofem.

there hardly is a dull moment when you work with kids... especially when one of the students is as unconventional, non-conforming, innovative, and as entertaining as isak (pictured below). i saw him as i left the faculty room last week. i thought he was wearing a headband with dog ears. only moments later did i realize that he was actually wearing his socks on his ears! the socks came fresh off his feet, after an entire day in school, not that he seemed to mind.

a good friend once told me that intelligent people never get bored. safe to say that that'll never happen to isak. this is one bright kid!

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