Thursday, June 29, 2006

ready-or-not, a-camping, here i go!

strangely enough, i found myself at home by 8 p.m. for the first time in a looooooong time. camp's been keeping me out of the house and out of the bed lately. i haven't been sleeping much; running on adrenalin. i met the jc from brazil last night, the first of the 40+ foreign delegates coming in for the barangay. i took one look at her and then it hit me. "you're really here. this is really happening."
there are loose ends to tie and they're beginning to unravel. if i look all composed, don't let the look fool you; i'm screaming inside! pray. gotta pray. hard. harder.

crisis management training from my days as an executive producer are kicking in. gotta learn to let go. delegate. ask for help (what, me?!). and when they DO help, do not expect perfection! sigh... so be it.

it'll all be worth it. think of the program. think of the children. it'll be fun. gotta remember to have fun. no more coffee. this will happen. it's got to!

sharing the joy (fm)

one of the things i love most about getting hooked to a dsl connection is that i get to listen to live broadcasts. that's how i found JOY FM, listener-supported contemporary Christian music broadcasting form st. louis. i highly recommend you give it an ear and "get hooked" of another kind.

Friday, June 16, 2006

i get by with a little help from my friends

i've been scarce, i know. blame it on work. school has started and it was for me, a photo finish.

for those of you who do not know me, i am not one to ask for help. not that i claim to be able to do everything; far from it. school opening never used to frazzle me; it was almost routine. not so this year, though.

i could handle the added responsibility of being part of the administration and the task to create an entirely new curricula for religion frome grades 2 to 6. i was all geared to hack my crazy schedule of teaching reigion 4 times a week per grade level for 3 weeks just to be able to staff for an international camp. i could even face the challenge of being the homeroom adviser of a "notoriously rambunctious" group of kids. as if this wasn't enough, i agreed to take on a co-teaching assignment at the preschool (because it WAS preschool!).

what i couldn't take was the incompetence of a person who shall not be named. hahaha! i was soooo frustrated. i actually got nervous for school opening.

of course, shy (yes, shy) me wouldn't ask for help. but when help came, i did not say "no." i was so relieved and thankful that people pitched in. the teacher aides put their tasks on hold and converged in one classroom to get the things that needed to be done, done in 2 days! and i could not ever forget the preschool teachers who came up to me one by one to ask if there was ANYTHING they could do to help. i was soooo touched! they took on such menial tasks as coloring my learning center signs and cutting little black felt circles to pad my classroom furniture. truth be told, i suspect that they actually enjoyed what they did for me :)

school's on its second week so needless to say, i survived the first day of school... i got by with a little help from my friends. and so, for friends who extend helping hands even when i don't ask, I AM THANKFUL.