Tuesday, July 20, 2004


tita ree said that was what it was but i'd like to think otherwise. who would ever think that having your feet stuck in that ick could be so much fun?! this past weekend was a blast!

adventure seekers on a budget, taking (and missing) long bus rides, enduring pathetic public toilets, sharing chicharon, remembering bananarama songs, being wined and dined, swooning (albeit belatedly) over our cute guide.

tuguegarao... i will never forget you. i have my battle scars to remember you by. your caves... guano or no guano. your circadian bats. your river and your rapids (B-B-F! -- belly, butt, f**k!). your hospitality. your food (manang julie!).

thank God for the great company! how else could we endure anton carag barking out his orders? "you have 30 minutes to get dressed. that's 7 and a half minutes each!" yes, thank you for doing the math, but with 4 girls and 1 "disabled" bathroom? i don't think so! well, we did our best.

in fairness to the man, he's all bark. truth is, he's a puppy! he's a big man with a big belly and a soft spot for the femme fatales that we are... or our CISV moms who truly rock! how i'd love to grow up to be like tita mitos one day!

tita ree, tita maite, tita betina... tuguegarao beckons! white water rafting in september! shall we?