Wednesday, June 29, 2005

yoda, i am

the teacher factor, it must be. just call me "master!" mwahahaha!

wala lang.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

it's called "kleenex"

i got to spend last saturday night with some (younger) friends. somehow, the topic of our conversation got to mucous. true to the subject's nature, the topic "stuck" with us for a greater part of the evening (and more than i cared for) despite a car ride and change of venue.

shrills aside, i must say that the conversation had it's entertaining moments. i was particularly amused by how mike narrated and demonstrated to us how many times he can blow his nose into his hanky. a clean one, thank God! apparently, it can accommodate 16 "blows." i think jali can do more. me, i just use tissue. gesundheit! :)

Monday, June 06, 2005

not exactly a million bucks...

other than a good night at the mah-jong table or a good game of badminton, i never win anything... especially in raffles. i used to win in the annual Christmas office party raffles, but that's because we were assured of winning at least 1 major prize each. still, i never got the washing machine or the mini ref or the trip to cebu. instead, i won the toaster oven, the knife set, the habachi grill and the slow cooker. hmm... makes my winnings sound more and more like "luto!" hahaha! one year, i won cash... all of P1,000 (a big amount back then) which was just enough to cover the expenses on the costumes my group spent for our little number. my sis has better luck in those things. two years ago, she won a dvd player. cool!

so you could imagine that i was very pleasantly surprised when i received a package this past weekend. a couple of months back, i was in the grocery with miguel and i bought a pack of m&m's. they had that promo running then where you text in these sticker numbers to a cellphone account. i thought, "heck, i have nothing to lose and chocolate to eat!" i forget what was at stake. some mini ipods, i think.

what did i win? a really cute m&m cd case and a mini m&m mini radio (something i can use in school). i'll have to take a photo for you to see it (babaw!). i may have not won a million bucks, but with my luck (or lack of it) and my love for m&ms, i sure felt like a winner!