Saturday, December 16, 2006

toy story

i've always liked toys. i have very fond memories of playing with them. growing up, i didn't play with barbie dolls, though i had one. too pink, maybe. what i DO remember playing with was mr. potato head. i liked its versatility... create and recreate, by dismembering, no less! barbie certainly couldn't do that.

i still have a mr. potato head. got the missus, too. when they weren't available in the philippines, i had a friend buy them for me stateside, under the guise that they were gifts for a godchild. well, they never got wrapped. but they did get out of their boxes... and into my greedy hands. i know, i know. shame, shame. so sue me; i'm a kid-at-heart! going through that extent, you can imagine my glee when i discovered it's now locally available!

i still love playing with mr. (and mrs.) potato head. it certainly gets me out of a rut. case in point... two weeks ago, i went to the bank to pick-up my new atm card (which was 2 weeks overdue itself). nada. still not there. so what do i do to vent my frustration? go to the toy store upstairs and buy alien spud parts! hahaha! the coolest thing about alien spud? you get new sets of limbs (in yellow) and 2 sets of eyes! miguel has a mr. potato head too, so between us, we have 8 arms, 3 pairs of shoes, 5 pairs of eyes, 3 noses, an alien snout, 3 pairs of eye glasses... you get the picture.

i'm such a kid, i'm so easy to please. simple joys. last month, my neighbor co-teacher gave me a belated birthday gift... santa spud accessories! how timely! then last week, mama aly also bought me a belated birthday gift... mermaid spud accessories! bet you'd like to see how that looks! if i only had a camera, i'd start a blog to showcase the different creations miguel and i've come up with. sigh.

and here's what i've got my eye on:

spud trooper and darth tater


c'mon, admit it. they're adorable! i like! i like! hahaha! i'm sure any star wars fan of any age would like to get one of these (or both!). they've actually been given out as gifts to men. not boys, men!

what i'd give to be naive and believe in santa again.

Monday, December 04, 2006

more balls!

what do you do on a impromptu-declared-no-class-holiday?

add more Christmas balls to the Christmas tree! (discovered more of them in a storage box - properly labeled, of course. some were stored in (surprise!) green plastic bags!)

mama aly would be happy to know that the papier mache balls made it to the tree... but she'll have to "hunt" for santa. had miguel hide it amongst the baubles :) happy hunting, mama aly!