Friday, September 30, 2005

miguel "gets smart"

once every semester, the preschool children are assessed on their developmental skills. it's a one-to-one visit with the teacher so there are no regular classes on those days. miguel had his yesterday.

when i got home yesterday...

ninang: how was your assessment?
miguel: fine.
ninang: who else was there?
miguel: toni.
ninang: who else?
ninang: anyone else?
miguel: (pauses and smiles mischievously) yes! spongebob!
har! har! har!

Monday, September 26, 2005

loyalty pays

who doesn't like freebies? for someone who does not win at raffles, getting freebies is especially sweet. and for what, keeping the same mobile number for 11 years? sus! kadali!

what did my loyalty actually get me? P15,500 worth of either bill credit, handset discount, or G-cash. i opted for the last since i only had 5 minutes to decide (pressure!). i'm not fully familiar what to actually do with G-cash. they say i can pay for my pizza (shakey's) and burger (jollibee) plus some school & office stuff from national. they also say that i can cash in my wallet for actual moolah! mwahahaha! not bad for all those years of texting!

the benefits may not be as "hot" as winning an iPod (i'm still weighing if the m&m cd case tops this - haay, babaw...), but these days, you don't get to pick up P15,500 from off the street. so i AM thankful. bow.

back from the dead

celebrating my quasi-resurrection from oblivion... partially due to the proddings (and naggings) of mama aly.

where've i been? you may ask. on the sidelines, mainly. my PC got "fried" (along with some other household gadgets -- including the doobell) during a thunderstorm more than a month ago. since then, i've been an inginual (in tagalog, "singit") to whenever my mom isn't hawking the computer. today, i was especially lucky; she wasn't home when i got here.

so much the sad story. much has happened and much will be detailed - albeit belatedly. in the meantime, on with the show!