Friday, May 28, 2010

APO... bow!

Photo from APO's FB page

After 40 years of being together, the APO Hiking Society is finally bidding adieu. I was very fortunate to see the first of their last three performances as a singing group last night at the Music Museum and enjoyed every minute of it. As always, the APO did not disappoint.

They don't make them like they used to. For a musical group (can't really call them a band) to stick it out together for 40 years is a feat in itself. They've been APO longer than they've been students, married, parents, teachers, and entrepreneurs. Other groups couldn't put a candle to these three's longevity. Their decision to disband is saddening but very respected, as respected as the APO is, collectively and individually.

I grew up with their music. I will even admit to owning an LP or two of theirs (LP? What's that?! Hahaha!). APO not only knew how to write music, they MADE music. Theirs was whimsical, entertaining, feel-good, and even sexy (I love, love, love "Kumot at Unan"). Maybe it's a sign of my age, but most of what comes out of my radio nowadays is noise compared to the music of my time. Sigh... They don't make them like they used to.

It was fun seeing them on stage again last night. Yes, they've aged over the years, greys and wrinkles here and there but their wit and comedic timing remain sharp. They still poke fun at Buboy's height, Danny's complexion, and Jim, well, for being Jim! (I imagine that they'd still be doing so well after retirement.) As for their music... simply APO perfect. The audience paid them the great homage by singing along, but not too loud so as not to hear the 3-part harmony the APO has been so known for.

Leaving the theater last night, I couldn't help but feel a tinge sad at seeing them go. But everyone's gotta go some time, right? So, to you, APO, take a bow and make it a long one. You deserve it!


mama_aly said...

the first time i attended an apo concert was when i was in grade school... they had a fourth member then, jojit paredes. that was a long, long, time ago at the small st paul qc auditorium.

apo sang the background music of my youth... from high school to college and beyond.

bravo apo!

jun said...

what? they disbanded without me watching a concert? Sayang =(